We provide several services for our vendors, from FSBO services to Lunch and Learn trainings for your staff. We like to call this our “VIP Services”.

As experienced agents we have worked with hundreds of lenders, title companies, lawyers and other agents.  We generally find that many of these vendors train their employees very well on their internal procedures and practices, but don’t always focus on the “transactional” problems faced in practice.


Example: how does your staff help a FSBO seller that has a buyer for the property, and that buyer needs a loan?  A lawyer can handle the documents, but they do not then shepherd the transaction through inspection, appraisal, loan commitment and title.  Our service will provide both parties full professional real estate services from a neutral position. This is VIP service is done for far less than the typical commission agreement. Our involvement takes the burden and liability off of your staff.

Another example, loan officers are great at looking at financing, but do they know what the loan commitment deadline means to the overall transaction? Our service helps to smooth out transactions when the lenders and their underwriting team understand how the contingencies effect both parties of the transaction.

We provide easy and personal help to our vendors. An example of the training is:

Understanding the Offer to Purchase:

  • How the Parties are being represented
  • The rights of Buyer and Seller
  • Contingencies and Timelines
  • What Addendum is required and why
  • When the importance of amending the contract
  • Required Documents

This education is not intended give your staff the skill to write a contract, but knowledge is power.  Your staff will be able to professionally deal with realtors and clients of any experience.

Other Real Estate Vendors:

Do you prepare documents other than simple mortgages and deeds? Documents like offers to purchase, amendments, easements, affidavits of interest, bills of sale, probates documents or assignments? Is your company prepared to face liability for these documents? We have a lawyer on staff who can prepare these documents for you at low cost so that your company is relieved of liability.  We offer this service with our full real estate representation services at a reasonable cost.